Today in Fashion Week: February 27th

February 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Rawr. Maybe it’s the distinctive Milano cookies (I made the same quasi-joke last season. I remember.) but I’m excited to see what the designers are offering today!

Jil Sander

If anyone can do stark minimalism to a T, it’s Raf Simons. Certainly his latest collection for Jil Sander has an impressive number of sharp, sleek pieces, but this season hardly compares to the last. I think Spring made the most convincing case for a minimalist, because it still dressed it up and expressed new ideas. This season, it just feels plain.

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Today in Fashion Week: February 26th

February 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Ciao bellas! We’re back in action, but I’m afraid I’m extremely low on time. Here goes my best effort!

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Fun fact: I went through this collection half way before remembering it was a diffusion line. Although the “Cheap” in their name is likely to be laughable to anyone not swathed on a daily basis in the excess of name brand luxury, they certainly had the “Chic” down pat. It was a less imaginative outing for the brand, but restraint has always been overrated. Maybe the irony of the title will be acceptable when buyers can justify the prices. Beautifully cut coats and dresses have a clear element of individuality for pieces so uniform.

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Today in Fashion Week: February 24th

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Hey fashion lovers! Barring an amazing show tomorrow (there’s only one show scheduled), today will be my last post regarding London Fashion Week. In keeping up with New York, I feel obligated to name my favorite show(s) that I can think of. So far, I only really loved Armand Basi One, but I did strongly like Luella. So there you go! Maybe I’ll have another favorite today.

Josh Goot

Asymmetry in motion? Josh Goot seemed to take the half & half motif to heart. Those pieces were quite pleasing and thankfully took up the majority of the show. But it fell flat later on. Seeing Goot in a darker environment seems to mainly kill his typically bright demeanor.

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Today in Fashion Week: February 23rd

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Ay Bay Bay! Can you believe that London Fashion Week is already more than halfway over? Sad, but true. They had a working week instead of the seven days accrued to the other cities. Oh well, there’s still plenty to see.


Remember that cheery Brit girl from Luella’s Spring collection? Apparently she’s got a funeral to attend. What else could explain the more somber color pallet employed by Bartley in her Fall collection? But while they may be different in color, the pieces from this season are still quite similar in theme to those from the last showing. Luella’s skillful renderings of tiers, ruffles, and pockets make for a covetable outcome.

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Best Dressed: Academy Awards 2009

February 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

We interrupt this Fashion Week to bring you a little update. The Oscars, the mother of all awards ceremonies, took place last night, and I have my picks for best dressed.

Freida Pinto in John Galliano

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Today in Fashion Week: February 22nd

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Gooood evening! I have nothing else to say. Let’s get to it.

Todd Lynn

Has Todd Lynn gone goth? His showing was mainly all-black with a few peeks of white. It was very dark but did not seem to have a sense of where it was going. There were some ideas that are surely nice, but not enough in the end.

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Today in Fashion Week: February 21st

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Live from London! Believe it or not, we’re in for another week of fashion. It’s been all but pushed aside by the more celebrated cities, but I think London’s vivacious spirit will prove to be quite uplifting compared to New York’s bleak collections. Here we go!

Graeme Black

Give Graeme Black a moment to compose himself. Despite subversive details like bleached prints and fanciful feathers, his collection was obviously a study in looking all dolled up. But before you accuse it of being passe, there were plenty of fresh touches that prevented it from swerving into already explored territory. « Read the rest of this entry »

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