It’s Not Gaudy, It’s 80’s

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Recently, you may have come across some liberal fashion media propaganda that the 80’s are back. Personally, I think it’s all crazy talk, and I dare anyone to show me solid proof of this “comeback.” However, it’s a very scary world out there, and there is reason to believe that any Miuccia-fearing fashion person may run in to this shoulder-padded, neon tomfoolery. In that case, I suppose you’ll be needing some inspiration (if you deserve to lay your eyes on a Prada collection, you don’t need any of that nonsense, you are your own inspiration. Because you are that awe-inspiring.) If you are inspired by anything from this sin-ridden era, make it this Whitney Houston video. From female gymanst to biker bake, Ms. Houston has the drama down-pat. While you watch, I have to go. Some of my friends and I are setting fire to Marc Jacobs’ office for that travesty of a show.

Dress Your Neck

March 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

In keeping with Fall’s passion for heavy, texturized, showstopping fabrics, you’ll be wanting some over-the-top accessories a few months from now. But if you haven’t the funds to rely on a massive luxury company with equally gargantuan price points, there’s no better place to turn than etsy. Canadian Angie Johnson, of iheartnorweiganwood, will gladly be your purveyor—but you’ll have to act fast. She’s prone to publicity from some of the most celebrated bloggers (most notably Susie Bubble of stylebubble, for whom she created a cage skirt). But all the other factors (quality, affordability, the lust factor) are front and center. I especially love her feathered necklaces. There’s nothing like an ostentanious accessory to brighten up an outfit.

The Weather Outside Is Frightening…

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So maybe my post title is a little misleading. It’s actually blissfully rainy, a variety of weather that I actually enjoy. But as soon as the elusive period of Spring comes to an end, any person over one year old can attest that the cold, dreary weather will never disappear. Luckily, next winter you have something to look forward to, thanks to the accessories at Missoni. With bags, hats, and scarfs adorned in fur, next season’s hottest commodity, there’s sure to be plenty of style-advantaged women vying for their very own piece(s).

Strap One On

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Shoes from the Gucci Spring 2009 runway

This post is not what you think it is. Nope, before things here at TGTEF get a little too real, we’ll lie on the emotional crunch that is fashion–specifically prospective shopping. The Spring 2009 runways could easily be subtitled Much Ado About Shoes. Watching Katie Fogarty take her tumutous tumble at the Prada show was eye-opening to the increasingly masochist fashion crowd, and will likely lead to a little revenue loss for the final product. However, when our ways become ineffective it’s time to change our methods. Wedges are a viable alternative; sky high as their stilleto counterparts but solid enough to walk reasonably comfortably in. But there’s another option, one that’s been around for a while but is coming in to it’s own as of late. Ah yes, the ankle strap heel. Not only do they grasp the leg, making slips a less likely affliction, but they also provide a perfect frame for the bodily canvas of many a fashion fiend: the ankle. (I think the best example of a fashionable pair of ankles is Jennifer Connelly–let’s get visual!) Ankle straps emphasize, in some cases fetishize, the perfect ankle, almost as if they put them on a pedestal. My recommendation? Gucci’s lustworthy Spring incarnation. If it’s true that there’s strength in numbers, Frida Giannini’s on to something. That’s one.. two… three, yes, three ankle straps! So if you’re of a clumsier persuasion, get yourself over to Gucci’s online store and go ahead. Oh, by the by, hope you have $1275 spare. Think of yourself as an economy warrior.

Hear The Happy

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It could be argued that life is one long cycle of sensory stimulation. We learn, through trial and error, what satisfies or eradicates our senses; whether it be the familiar soft feeling of a favorite cotton t-shirt or the arousing but vaguely guilt-ridden scent of baking brownies. By this approximation, we should be able to alter our feelings through use of the favorable sensations. That’s where music can come in to play. It’s doubtful that anyone can claim they’re not emotionally affected by music at some point, from tear-jerking slow jams to fist-pumping uptempo selections. But there’s another phenomenon in the mix. I call it the Happy Song. Simple enough, right? When you’re feeling exceptionally mopey, you play the Happy Song of your choice, causing your mood to convert dramatically. And so, on a day where it seems Spring refuses to rear it’s optimistic head, I am sharing with you my version of the happy song. Although I’m not quite sure what Emiliana Torrini is half-mumbling on about in her sunny number Big Jumps, I know that I’m instantly happier upon hearing it.

06.Big Jumps – Emiliana Torrini

Ode to the Headband

March 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

Augousti with her whimsical range of headbands, which retail at Barney's for $100

It’s no secret that every teenager on the planet can’t wait to grow up, but older (and wiser) adults can’t seem to help themselves from dipping into the fountain of youth. Therein lies the ingenuity of the headband. A symbol of girly admonishment, it’s shown up on the heads of innocent adolescents and conniving rich girls (think Blair Waldorf) alike. Over time, it’s evolved from simple ribbons to almost any material that will remained fastened long enough. That’s where 14-year-old designer spawn Kifu Augousti comes into play. Her line of hundred-dollar headwear has made quite a splash in the fashion press. Luckily, it’s with good reason. The line, which can be found at Barney’s, ties some of the most luxe fabrics out there into the simplest of bows.  The python, snakeskin, and bejeweled varieties inspire shock and awe. I may be biased, but I think Kifu is contributing much more to her generation than Miley Cyrus. Besides, you’re never too old to wish you were younger.

Empty Pockets?

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Empty Pockets

Alexander McQueen McQ for Target Cropped Blazer-$49

Topshop Pleat Front Roll Up Trouser-$70

Gap Dobby striped roll-up shirt-$48

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