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So thats what I did last night. Didn’t have as good a view as this person (plz and thankyous for the vid btw) but it was still pretty amazing.



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When the subject of up and coming designers arises in fashion circles, it’s often stated that what the youthful imports have to offer is an intravenous understanding of technology. In the past that’s meant everything from advancements in fabric and textiles to utilitarian details like iPod pockets, which feel novel at best. But leave it to a relatively old-school brand like Calvin Klein to turn the trend on its head. This October, ck Calvin Klein will introduce a new style of sunglasses which conceal a 4GB USB memory stick in their frame. Whether you’re looking to relive abandoned fantasies of Bondesque gadgets or you’re simply a pragmatist with a fondness for portable data, make sure you save up your $199 in advance.

Two Can Play That Game…

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Isn’t he fabulous folks?

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Gotta love him.
Seriously, you do. Or I’ll find you!

August Magazine Covers

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As painful as it is for me to consider the fact that August is nearly imminent and these few Summer months may soon be coming to a close, the publishing industry is not so concerned with my denial. That’s why they’re choosing to move forward with their August issues, most of which will we focusing exclusively on Fall clothing. Pause for collective sigh.


Christy Turlington

Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Winslet

Marie Claire

Fergie with either way too much or way too little photoshop. (P.S. Armed & Gorgeous–Female Drug Lords? Seriously?)


Lara Stone 🙂

Vogue Paris

Daria Werbowy

Vogue Italia (July)

Kristen McMenamy

Vogue Russia

Dree Hemingway


Miley Cyrus, Censored for your protection


Amy Adams

Elle UK

Emma Watson

Vanity Fair

Heath Ledger


Lily Allen


Emma Watson–A twofer!

Dazed & Confused

Julia Hafstrom–Get your 3-D glasses kids!


Catherine McNeil

World, Hold On

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If Riccardo Tisci were a chef, then today’s Givenchy couture show may be the main course to last month’s mens show’s appetizer. The collection follows the same concept of modernized ethnic wear, replete with drapey veils and Tisci’s signature studs masked as traditional motifs. This time around, however, the clothing makes less sense for streetwear-savvy youth than it does for a woman more concerned with looking put together. With flashes of hot pink and voluminous trousers, the collection maintains some semblance of what is currently in fashion without fully deviating from the trends-be-damned attitude of couture. Tisci injects a certain young quality to the generally more prim collections shown during the couture season. His subversive attitude is certainly welcome in the world of fashion, despite what certain well-regarded fashion critics may think.

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Snap Crackle Pop

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