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Although everything in the world of magazine publishing (specifically fashion magazine publishing)  is marketed as the big shebang, there are few issues as admirably prestigious as those published in September. For the changing tides of fashion, September is the time to truly celebrate the Fall collections, wedged right between the forefront of the season itself and the premiere of the Spring successors. With that in mind, the staffs behind our country’s glossiest glossies attempt to span hundreds of collections’ worth of material into concise statements of the season’s philosophy. This year, of course, a storm cloud hangs in the balance over the traditional September parade, as evidenced by the thinner volumes offered up this year. But the effect of the economy has been channeled into a whole new focus on concise and valuable fashion. With a focus on restraint but a resolution to persevere, the magazines that have weathered the storm so far have offered up some truly lust-worthy content.


Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

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Coming Next Week…

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Our must-see movies and TV shows this Fall, the music we’re loving right now, and more!

A Very Merry Un-Birthday, to YOU!

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If you haven’t seen this on our youtube page, you’re seeing it now

Not your average garden party…

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speed sunset

Now I know we don’t seem like the sports enthusiast types, and honestly, we’re not… but this little gem has been begging for attention and I couldn’t refuse. Its called speedminton. All the fun of regular badminton, without those pesky nets, (all you have to do is decide on some rough out-of-bounds lines) and it’s at a faster pace so you can almost hear the intense theme music when you play. The secret is the smaller, weighted birdy that flies true even when its breezy.

Now the real fun starts when the sun goes down. The company also makes special gear that glows in the dark- speed birdy

Think you can handle a battle of such epic porportions?

Spotted on the UES:A Metamorphosis

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As any Gossip Girl aficionado knows well, there are two distinct eras in the life of Jenny Humphrey: before mullet, and the much-maligned after mullet. For the wannabe rich girl stuck in, eww, Brooklyn; going through an awkward psuedo-hipster/psuedo-goth phase seemed to be a rite of passage. But judging by the most recent on-set pictures from the Gossip Girl set, a new era is upon us. Trading her flatironed scene cut for decidedly glammer long locks and incorporating some less severe choices into her look, it seems that Jenny’s likely to be tumultous ascent to the top of the social scene will at least be free of turbulence when it comes to her look.

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