In The Mood for Movies

January 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

I think all of us will be holed up at the movies this spring; what with the rock-group biopic The Runaways and Tim Burton’s much-anticipated Alice in Wonderland. I’ll keep the immaturity comments to myself when I say that many are also anticipating Toy Story 3. (The general congregation is pleased that the voiceover cast is staying true to the first two… if that means anything).  Also, The Lovely Bones is in theaters now and highly recommended. Check out the following trailers for some of TGTEF’s most anticipated movies in 2010.


Alice in Wonderland

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What’s New Pussycat?

January 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

A look from the Lanvin Pre-Fall Presentation

Though the less rowdy of the fashion writing community attempt to avoid stereotype, there’s sometimes no choice but to resort to the old standby fierce. (This applies to anything coined or popularized by Tyra, when you think about it.) As much as I rack my overworked brain, I simply cannot find a better word to identify the Lanvin Pre-Fall show. Alber Elbaz’s relentlessly daring diva was taken to new lengths in the collection, and the results are something worth writing home for. Take, for instance, a fluid leopard jumpsuit with pajama-like tendencies. Seamlessly beautiful in the context of a staged presentation, but you’d better be lousy with je ne sais quoi if you plan on trying it out. That theme underlined the collection, that fragile perfection that takes a lot of audacity to pull off. Or, perhaps, there’s really no hope for anyone to achieve this look in person, if you subscribe to the theory of converging worlds of runway and reality. Either way, there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating Elbaz’s genius. I may only be speaking for myself, but here’s to a Fall show twice as bold!

Spring Awakening

January 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

An image from Prada's Spring 2010 Ad Campaign, which premieres in February magazines.

Say what you want about fashion’s changing tides, but I for one like to see it as optimism. Just when we’ve reached the point in Winter when it seems it couldn’t get any colder (oh, but it will), people are moving on to the just-yesterday Spring 2010 collections, in the typical race to play out the season’s top pieces before the dawn of the Fall shows in February. Perhaps it’s too early to call which pieces we’ll be bored of in about two month’s time, but we can be sure it’s bound to happen. If anything, take this as a reprieve from bitter temperatures. Your island vacation is right around the corner.

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