Wading Through The Muck At Men’s Fashion Week

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Men’s Fashion Week can often seem like less of a convincing sales pitch aided by the spending of millions of dollars and more like a bizarre opportunity to delve into myriad fashion cliches. Perhaps it’s because designers are confused about their target customers, creating an abundance of lackluster business attire and unthinkable edgy creations. Either way, however, there are a lot of womenswear superstars who just can’t seem to get it right when their focus is on males. As the shows are winding down, we’ve seen a lot of both categories, but there are a few shows that stand out for being truly well-executed. Take, for instance, this season’s offering from Missoni.

As it’s recently become a hugely important collection in the womenswear world, it’s only fitting that the same treatment be given to the men. In fact, the Missonis have done us one better. The collection is full of charm and optimism, sunny colors and delectable prints. It isn’t necessarily a sequel to what we’ve seen in womenswear recently, but it’s just as noteworthy and ripe for praise. Indeed, it really sells itself. There should be no trouble finding a market for the boldly colored sweaters and cardigans, and I’d like to talk to someone right now about getting on that waiting list. « Read the rest of this entry »


The Curious Case of Sarah Burton

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In the aftermath of Alexander McQueen’s suicide earlier this year, a flurry of questions arose. Chief among them, naturally, was the future of his label. It’s hard to imagine any individual ever coming close to his incredibly distinct and imaginative style, but the task was finally assigned to his longtime design partner Sarah Burton to a resounding sigh of relief. Hiring a bigger name from outside the company would seem inauthentic if not a bit offensive. No one can come close to McQueen himself, but Burton seemed like just about the next best thing. Her first outing for the label, not including her finishing of McQueen’s final posthumous collection, was last week’s menswear collection. Though it was an adequate offering, it left something to be desired; it lacked the characteristic charm and spark that’s come to be associated with the McQueen name. Luckily she had another chance just a week later, with her first Resort collection for the label. Though it’s a small and by no means groundbreaking collection, it serves as a nice homage to McQueen’s past work as well as a promising sneak peek into what can hopefully be expected from Burton come September’s Spring 2011 show. You can sense an understanding and appreciation of the label’s past, but there’s work to be done should it move past that. We’ll need to see nothing less than showstopping originality and innovation in her future efforts if we’re to hold the brand in such high standing. But Burton’s lucky in that she’s not fighting an uphill battle. There’s nothing that the industry wants to see more than a brilliant future for McQueen’s legacy, and that means supporting her as much as possible in her endeavors to ensure it.

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The Comeback Tour

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If you thought TGTEF had disbanded, you were wrong. ¬†Simply bogged down in academia, we are back for the summer with plenty of tricks up our sleeves.¬† Let’s kick things off with the next big thing in music-

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