Summer Lovin’

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Taking a look back at where we've been...

Hope everyone had a fabulous summer! -XOXO TGTEF


Practically Perfect In Every Way

August 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

Being a theater buff, it’s great to live relatively close to the 2nd best theater city in the US (still dreaming of NYC, but take THAT Chicago, ha!). The reason being mostly, this little hotspot you may have heard of called the Kennedy Center.

What’s even more exciting is when the national tour of the show that was your favorite childhood movie comes to town?

Getting orchestra seats of course! (Last time I was in the opera house to see Puccini’s Turandot last spring, we were waaaaaay up in the balcony where the actors looked like ants…) But it’s an amazing experience no matter where you sit, and an excellent excuse to get dressed up.

LOVE these chandeliers!

Overall, the show was spectacular, and definitely go see it when it comes to your city. Particular praise goes out to Gavin Lee, in the role of Bert, for some death defying tap dancing on the ceiling. For more info, click-

Kmart Goes Fashion Forward

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A look at Kmart's new ad campaign.

I’ve only been inside Kmart a decisively select few times. As a ballpark estimate, I would put my number of visits in the once or twice range. And though I’d really like to tell you about my experience, the only words that come to mind are fluorescent lighting, searing pain, and nervous breakdown. Basically, from my experience, shopping in Kmart is like shopping in a psych ward. And no, they’re not giving you medication. It’s not that I’m snobby, at least not when it comes to bargain-city mega chain stores. I’ve had my fair share of satisfying experiences at local Targets. Sure, the fine people over at Target may not be masters of ambience, but they certainly have a leg up on Kmart as far as not making me want to throw up.

Another place where they have a leg up: they jumped onto the fast-fashion bandwagon like they were planning to ride it to China. And they’ve managed to entice such illustrious names as Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, and the late Alexander McQueen to collaborate on one-off collections with them, as well as an endless number of others. For a while now, they’ve had this fashion-forward megastore formula monopolized, but they may have competition coming their way. As if in a form of Karmic retribution for their violations of my central nervous system, Kmart has announced that their upcoming array of apparel for fall will have a fashionable edge. And before you burst into laughter, consider this: designers for the new merchandise have been pulled from such varied reputable brands as Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent. In addition, they’ve shot a pristine new ad campaign with photographer Alexi Lubomirski to be run, among other places, in the forthcoming September issue of Vogue. From what can be seen of the collection so far, it’s a tidy little offering of smart basics; a potentially flattering selection of tried-and-true pieces. Maybe Anna Wintour won’t be swapping her Chanel for Kmart anytime soon, but at the very least it seems that the fashionably inclined have a new spot for scoping out bargains. And that may be especially true if their talks of designer collaborations ever come to fruition. For now, I’d recommend checking out the new merchandise from the safety of their website. I’m pretty sure the lighting in their stores alone has the potential to turn people into zombies.

Fabulous Earrings

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It’s been many months in the making and now the TGTEF store is open for business! All jewelry, handmade by yours truly. So stop in for a bit, won’t you?

Summer Movie Suggestions

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When the summer months roll around and life starts moving a little slower, suddenly the prospect of finding the time to watch a movie seems a little less daunting. So whether you’re looking to stay home and rent or go out and catch a new release, we here at TGTEF would like to bring your attention to some of our recent favorites. Without further ado…

Joey’s Picks

  • A Single Man: Tom Ford’s directorial debut had all the striking visuals I could have hoped for. Though it was at times a little bit overdramatic (I blame the slow-mo+intense music scenes for that), I found it to be compelling and well worth the while.
  • Let The Right One In:After hearing about the American remake and the subsequent backlash, I figured I was missing out. Despite an English-dubbed version that at times veered toward comical (I’m pretty sure one woman voiced the majority of the characters, including males) I wasn’t let down by the gripping and haunting story, and finally allowed myself to like a vampire movie. A tip: opt for the subtitles instead of the dubbed version.
  • Inglorious Basterds:Though it isn’t the type of movie I’d typically be drawn to, there was something exciting and particularly entertaining about Quentin Tarantino’s politically and historically incorrect WWII epic.  I found it to be the perfect antidote to oh-so-serious dramas.
  • An Education:Last but certainly not least, perhaps my favorite movie in recent memory was this vibrant little gem. It had plenty of eye-candy and fulfilled my appetite for 60’s imagery. Plus, it kicked off my new fascination with toggles. « Read the rest of this entry »

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