Thank You, Happy Birthday.

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This past spring you may have found yourself being stared at while sitting in traffic, jamming to Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. No? Well this week, Cage the Elephant’s new single Around My Head is available free on itunes in hopes of generating buzz about their upcoming album set to release January 11, 2011. So here’s your buzz-

From this single and the other previews I could find, the group does show a transformation taking place. Songs off their self-titled album had distinctive, somewhat jarring tunes that came with the overwhelming urge to dance around like an idiot. These new melodies seem to have mellowed out a bit, but with even more over the top moments of madness thrown in. This being said, it’s uncertain how the album will turn out as a whole, but it’s definitely worth checking out. All you kids worried about their sound becoming “too mainstream” (which, I hate to break it to you but, is becoming obsolete-go read the previous post if you don’t believe me), fear not. Last time I checked, Coldplay wasn’t serenading the masses with kazoos and monkey-like screams…

Ps. Even if you’re not a fan, I still recommend going to their site to play with the “draw” app.


Good Taste in America? The End is Nigh!

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The words on everybody’s lips are Black Swan. An artsy film from the director of Requiem for a Dream, it’s surefire Oscar bait, but it seems unlikely fodder for a national obsession. But to dismiss it as a fluke seems incorrect. After all, the best selling movies this year have been some of the most unexpected. There’s Inception, for instance, a mind-bending puzzle of a movie that somehow managed to place almost 860 million butts in seats worldwide. Then there’s The Social Network, a similarly ambitious and critically-adored piece of cinema that’s managed to make a respectable 180 million at the box office. And, although it was more primed for success than the others, it’d be silly not to  mention the highest grossing film of the year, Toy Story 3. It earned one of the better Rotten Tomatoes scores in history, usually a kiss of death when it comes to commercial success. That’s generally been the trend this year, however. The disconnect between critical and commercial success is weakening, as would-be hits like Yogi Bear and The Tourist return lackluster numbers one after the other.

This phenomenon isn’t just happening in movies, however. « Read the rest of this entry »

Seasons Greetings!

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Happy Holidays from The Guide To Everything Fabulous! With Love ~Meg & Joey

(So I may never be the artist my mother is, but at least you can tell we’re people and not just fashionable robots. Although that would be pretty cool….)

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