Today in Fashion Week: February 13th

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Hello again, fashion flocks! We’re only a couple days in, but we’ve already seen some significant showings. It’s quite impressive how so many young designers in New York have been able to turn their collections into must-see events. So long as inventive talents such as themselves are around, the industry will survive. Now, on to today’s offerings!


Thakoon, against all odds, actually seems to get better every season. This time around, he was inspired by both European and African royalty, which resulted in a collection that was alternatingly bold and regal, punk and ladylike. He showed prints both exotic and commonplace, traditional silhouettes in colorful buffalo plaid, and some very interestingly light takes on complicated constructions. He is an undersung talent in the industry, but something tells me he’ll be getting his due recognition soon enough.

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Today in Fashion Week: September 9th

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello and welcome! It’s that special time of year again! It only comes once twice a year, so let us take a moment to savor it.


Alright, so, with that out of our systems, it seems as though we should get down to business.

Richard Chai

For whatever reason, Richard Chai has opted to show his Richard Chai Love diffusion line on the runway for the past few seasons rather than his eponymous collection, a decision that can sometimes be a little puzzling. Love seems to be about unconventional, perhaps experimental design, with hints at 90’s grunge and minimalism. However, these are themes that Chai has neglected to develop thoroughly in the couple of seasons he’s been showing the line. Rather than the grungy and deconstructed point of view he seems to  be striving toward, the line comes across and tad irrelevant and, worse, just sort of dull.

This season’s theme was transparency, something that was taken a bit too far in the case of transparent trousers and other ill-conceived separates. The best moments came when he strayed from that motif and let loose a little. The loose-fitting, carefree, and quietly luxurious sporty separates he showed were far more fulfilling than their odd counterparts; exactly the kind of back-to-basics clothes the magazines have been talking up as of-the-moment. Hopefully, if Chai continues to show Love on the runway, he’ll focus on those aspects a bit more. The blank and soulless looks leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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Today in Fashion Week:February 11th

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The fashion world suffered an incredible loss with the death of Alexander McQueen today, which sent shockwaves throughout the convening masses in New York. Today marked the official beginning of Fashion Week, but the real story was McQueen all the way. Anna Wintour reportedly left BCBG mid-show upon hearing the news, and issued an official statement just hours later. The McQ presentation that was scheduled for today was canceled. Rumors began swirling that editors may abandon New York early to mourn his death. This will be an ongoing story, but I do hope that his final collection will have its runway moment. I, for one, would like one last opportunity to celebrate his genius. Despite this somber note, the collections proceeded as usual. It’s impossible to forget, but we must forge on.

BCBG Max Azria

BCBG had seasonless undertones, with less substantial separates layered over warmer basics. The styling was certainly the highlight, though it did not quite offer any new thoughts on layering. All in all, it was a bit of a dud. The clothes were lackluster and did not have much going for them that couldn’t be similarly duplicated at lower-priced emporiums specializing in basics and simpler trend-driven fare.  Often the brand can be trusted to bring less reachable runway trends to an affordable price point, but there was something missing from the formula in this case.  Perhaps it was the attempt at minimalism, which translated into colorblocked neutral pieces in grunge-era silhouettes. Either way, the effort seemed disconnected and bland. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:September 11th

September 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Despite what feels like an inappropriate title to today’s post, I welcome you nonetheless. Can you believe we’re already 2/3 days into Fashion Week? Time flies when you’re…doing something. Either way, we’ve still got shows-a-plenty to cover here. And that’s a statement you can take to the bank.


Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian, usually fans of a bold concept, didn’t quite seem to know what to do this season. There were stabs at a Picasso reference with a print that comes off as 80’s in a bad way, nods to military with double breasted dresses and jackets, and a bevy of annoyingly indecisive dotted prints. It’s hard to say what they had in mind, furthermore what stopped them from producing the type of work they’re known for, but when only faced with the results I can’t say much more than that it’s not their best–by a longshot. Full Show Here.

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Today In Fashion Week:February 13th

February 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Day 2! Today we have a whole bunch of shows to get to, especially since they kept on coming at me yesterday and I instead found sleep to be the most viable option. In that regard, I guess we’ll get to them!

Yigal Azrouel

Get this through your head now: I love Yigal Azrouel. Even through a truncated, toned-down show, you couldn’t stop his undeniable talent from shining through. The looks are less directional than his Spring outing, but he manages to do “the now” just as superbly. Collectively, the show makes up more of a wardrobe than a theme, but themes are overrated anyway. Azrouel is very likely to be one of New York’s next major designers. (Full show here)


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