Your Money’s Worth

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Donna Karan knows a thing or two about timeless quality. Her line is constantly chosen by women who want the best. This season, a return to quality was especially significant and prevalent, making it the perfect opportunity for Ms. Karan to dazzle us with her years’ worth of skills. This attention to craftsmanship is most evident in her fantastic array of accessories. From luxurious ankle boots in the most savory of crocodile to motorcycle totes incorporating colorful python, it’s hard to avoid the “s” word (staple…in this case) but there’s plenty of creativity to make that concept exciting again.


The Weather Outside Is Frightening…

March 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

So maybe my post title is a little misleading. It’s actually blissfully rainy, a variety of weather that I actually enjoy. But as soon as the elusive period of Spring comes to an end, any person over one year old can attest that the cold, dreary weather will never disappear. Luckily, next winter you have something to look forward to, thanks to the accessories at Missoni. With bags, hats, and scarfs adorned in fur, next season’s hottest commodity, there’s sure to be plenty of style-advantaged women vying for their very own piece(s).

Fall 2009 Wrap-Up

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Well hello! It’s so good to see you again, and I’m obviously very excited to share my overall thoughts on the season. Of course, I’m a little sad, but I’m also hopeful that the economy will be all worked out by the time we do this again. Now, let’s get to this season! « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week: March 12th

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Hello everyone! Yes, that day has come. Today is the very last day of the Fall 2009 season. It’s had its ups and downs, to say the least, but we’ll get to that later today. For now, let’s get to those last few shows.

Miu Miu

Miuccia seemed to have something to say about our animal instincts. Whether it was tiger printed pants and skirts, fur covered heels, or what looked like literal dead animals, soon to be the shot-at-PETA-heard-’round-the-world, hanging over a dress like a sash, as if it was the product of a hard day’s work hunting. In some moments, that motif seemed to be a little bit exaggerated–I’m down with fur, but have you ever seen the Arrested Development where Lucille has something eerily similar to the dead animal contraptions? Either way, the show still had its moments. The shoes seem to be an inevitable innovation after the recent influx of fur, and Miuccia is just the one to do it. The brocade jackets are a lovely younger option to the ones that showed up at Prada this season.

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Today in Fashion Week: March 11th

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Guess what, everyone? It’s officially the second-to-last day of the season. Obviously, I’ll be bringing you a seasonal wrap-up in addition to tomorrow’s slated shows, but today is the last day that we can look at the shows and not feel sad about the season ending. It’s kind of like summer camp, except Anna and Carine are the popular kids and Kanye West is the weird kid that seems to be following you everywhere you go. I’ll complete this analogy later. We have shows to get to!


For the first time since he was released from the brand, I looked at a Chloé show today and didn’t think of Paolo Melim Andersson. I’ve been openly skeptical of his dismissal and Hannah McGibbon’s ability to live up to his talent, but I can honestly say that I adored her collection today. There was a vague military reference that complemented the utilitarian feel of the collection tremendously well. The color pallet was mostly neutral, very flattering for the introverted nature McGibbon seemed to want to convey. Something that I completely commend her on is the fact that, if she’s as flustered as most of the designers are this season, she’s not showing it. In my opinion, restraining natural instincts will only hurt the designers’ sales, while unique and beautiful pieces will sell the best. I also just want to point out the shoes. There are no detail shots yet, but I can already tell that they’re stunning.

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Today in Fashion Week: March 10th

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Can you believe it? It feels like the Fall 2009 shows just started getting good, and now we’re three days away from the end of the season. I guess I shouldn’t worry; Fashion Month has become almost a yearlong event what with the alternative seasons, but I can’t help but be a little sad. Hopefully the last three  days will be filled with great shows.


The Chanel brand, and Karl Lagerfeld’s incarnation of it, may be the single most revered in the world. Women from all walks of life flock to the designs which make them look chic, classic, and modern all at the same time. It’s doubtful that there’s any designer out there who can pull off such important criteria whilst being innovative and experimental. But that’s just what Lagerfeld did today. It would be hard to argue that the current state of the economy hasn’t had a clear effect on the shows. Different designers have had different approaches, whether it be a focus on staples, an almost eerily bright neon motif to recall better times, or  ubitiquous design to please every possible customer. Aside from the neon, Lagerfeld had all these elements and more in his Chanel show, but it could hardly be said that he fell back on the classic image of the brand. It’d be the easiest approach, Coco herself invented the LBD, the holy grail of staples, but one gets the sense that Lagerfeld isn’t looking for the easy way out. While he did do an almost entirely black and white lineup, with LBDs galore, he tried out new sillhouettes and techniques. There’s a noticeable variety in the shapes he did, most likely to have “something for everyone.” But with pleated, ruffly collars and cuffs, it was clear that all the pieces originated from the same idea. There’s no doubt that the magazines will go ballistic for the timeless glamour, a concept which will no doubt be even further integrated as our situation worsens, but I’m actually looking forward to it.

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Today in Fashion Week: March 9th

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Well folks, we’re in what would be called “the final stretch” in a baseball game. How did I get from fashion to baseball? That’s a good question. But the point is the principles are the same. Designers are trying to get in their best “plays’ before the season, or stretch, ends. So maybe we’ve seen a lot, but we still haven’t seen it all. Shall we proceed?

Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Pilati presented a very no frills, no nonsense collection of business-wear staples and leather goods. It’ll be startling for fans of his past two statement making shows, but I fondly remember his Spring 2007 show to this day and appreciate this season in a similar way. Perhaps the trade-off for approachable, smart clothing was a lack of grand statements and overall innovations, but that’s something I’m willing to accept. Pilati’s impeccable tailoring and understanding of clothing are strong enough to stand on their own, something which can be said about less and less of his peers as the years go by. So maybe this collection won’t earn him immediate hall of fame status, but you can’t deny that it will age well. Good clothing, no matter how toned-down, is good clothing. Surely these pieces could be implemented into any stylish woman’s wardrobe with ease, and when that woman looks fabulous it won’t be about how bold of a statement Pilati made any more.

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