Today in Fashion Week: February 23rd

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

On to another city! We have only two shows to look at today, but think of it as a pallete cleanser. Tomorrow is a very special day. Yes, people, tomorrow is Prada. I know I’m fasting and praying to Miuccia like there’s no tomorrow. But hopefully there is a tomorrow, because that’s the day of the show. We are all not worthy. We are all not worthy. We are…


Frida Giannini has not been the most celebrated designer at Gucci in history, and that is not exactly unjust. Her work has never been very polarizing or idiosyncratic. She has never led a movement. She’s a perfectly capable designer, but she’s not inspiring revolutions. One thing to her credit, however, is that she’s the queen of the 70’s reference. Seriously, she’s been exploring the 70’s as a source of inspiration for years now. Now that they’ve finally come back into fashion, it seems she’s not squandering the opportunity to bask in her favorite decade. Her clothes had a lot of commonality with those of Marc Jacobs last season. It had the same dressy-casual feel to it, and the same loose but luxurious sentiment. Particularly beautiful were a couple of coats toward the middle. It was that point where you stop scrutinizing and start simply taking a show in. The pace got derailed a bit with some ill-advised largely sheer evening gowns, but those solid looks more than made up for it. All in all, it was Giannini’s best effort at the house in memory, and possibly one of the best of the season so far. « Read the rest of this entry »


Today in Fashion Week: September 22nd

September 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

And around the world we go. After stops in New York in London, Fashion Month has landed in Milan. And though it’s shorter than New York, Milan Fashion Week is longer than London, and filled with enough heavy hitters to comprise a rap song completely. (Gucci Pucci Prada Gabbana?) On to the the shows!


Frida Giannini’s work at Gucci over the years has been characterized by two distinct styles. One is bohemian; flowy and goddess-like.  The other is sleek and modern, quite the polar opposite of the other. Of course, this being Gucci, where Tom Ford’s classic brand of glamour found a particularly welcoming home, the second usually wins out. Perhaps Giannini was tired of that, because her latest collection for the house is something of a fusion of the two. The pallet and silhouette are sleek; punchy colors alongside black and beige, slim trousers and minidresses. But the inspiration–seemingly safari and other world-traveler motifs–belonged more to the former style. Though the change was and always is welcome, the show didn’t seem particularly relevant or indicative of the excitement such a storied brand promises. The best pieces were the more complex ones, not because bigger is necessarily better, but rather because there wasn’t much to be seen with the simpler ones. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:February 26th & 27th

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Ok, ok. I missed a day. Actually, two days, if you count the fact that I am writing this in the wee hours of February 28th. But, then again, I’m my own worst critic. Let’s catch up.


Last season, Donatella Versace interrupted the progress of her collection with an endeavor that, though well received by some, I felt did not live up to the success of her previous collection. That collection, the Fall 2009 effort, was a masterful showing of modern graphic sophistication with edge. This season’s turn is more logically connected to that show than the one shown for Spring, with its strong fusion of minimalism and modernity. No one does sexy like Versace does, but I think it’s a collection like this that shows that there’s more to the brand than that. Because, after all, a woman needs more in her toolkit than weapons of mass seduction. Every now and then, pants seem like an appropriate choice. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week: September 26

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Hello dear friends! I must apologize for the lateness. It seems my promise just made things worse. So I don’t promise it’ll be on time today. Ha!

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta was a study in relaxed chic, with looser silhouettes done up in a mostly nude pallet with splashes of neon yellow. Some of the pieces were reminiscent of Lanvin, admittedly a hard reference to resist, but the look and feel was all Bottega. Nicely done! Full Show Here. « Read the rest of this entry »

Strap One On

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Shoes from the Gucci Spring 2009 runway

This post is not what you think it is. Nope, before things here at TGTEF get a little too real, we’ll lie on the emotional crunch that is fashion–specifically prospective shopping. The Spring 2009 runways could easily be subtitled Much Ado About Shoes. Watching Katie Fogarty take her tumutous tumble at the Prada show was eye-opening to the increasingly masochist fashion crowd, and will likely lead to a little revenue loss for the final product. However, when our ways become ineffective it’s time to change our methods. Wedges are a viable alternative; sky high as their stilleto counterparts but solid enough to walk reasonably comfortably in. But there’s another option, one that’s been around for a while but is coming in to it’s own as of late. Ah yes, the ankle strap heel. Not only do they grasp the leg, making slips a less likely affliction, but they also provide a perfect frame for the bodily canvas of many a fashion fiend: the ankle. (I think the best example of a fashionable pair of ankles is Jennifer Connelly–let’s get visual!) Ankle straps emphasize, in some cases fetishize, the perfect ankle, almost as if they put them on a pedestal. My recommendation? Gucci’s lustworthy Spring incarnation. If it’s true that there’s strength in numbers, Frida Giannini’s on to something. That’s one.. two… three, yes, three ankle straps! So if you’re of a clumsier persuasion, get yourself over to Gucci’s online store and go ahead. Oh, by the by, hope you have $1275 spare. Think of yourself as an economy warrior.

Today in Fashion Week:February 28th

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Hello! Today is the last day of February. Considering that we’ve been doing this since mid-February, that means Fashion Month must be…gasp! Half over? So let’s seize the day with today’s shows!

Emilio Pucci

Although new house designer Peter Dundas certainly did seem to have Balmain on the brain, it didn’t completely discount his first collection for Emilio Pucci. Yes, he did adopt the same laid back luxe as Christophe Decarnin has with his work for Balmain, but there were some cases in which he took the look to a new place. For the most part, it was when Dundas explored already-ventured territory that the show fell flat. The mantra of “the shorter, the tighter, the better” seems as if it was applied to a number of barely-there minidresses, which were simply in bad taste. But snazzy little numbers like superfluous fur coats worn bare legged suggest that there may be life yet in Dunda’s reinvention of the brand. It should be noted that this collection marks a grand departure from the Pucci brand. Previous creative director Matthew Williamson continued the legacy of the showy, colorful prints created by Pucci himself, but those were noticeably absent today.

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