Today in Fashion Week: October 3rd

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Ello mates! Yes, I do realize that would’ve fit better for London Fashion Week; No, I do not care. Anyway, those late shows I had to get to. Let’s hope I get caught up soon.


Phoebe Philo created the moment; now she just has to roll with it. The softer, minimal runways this season have all been stamped with her signatures. It isn’t hard to change fashion, but it’s still says something when someone singlehandedly does it. This season, however, even she was a decibel lower. Instead of the sharp, minimal looks of her first two collections for Celine, she showed loose, dreamy separates, paired to an overall relaxed and simplistic effect. Save for some successful experiments with bits of graphic print, it was a quiet, modest showing. There was something almost Islamic about a long white tunic worn over loose trousers, and that about says it all. We are all one in Philo’s vision of the world, and Celine is Mecca. « Read the rest of this entry »


Today in Fashion Week:October 7th

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The fateful day has come at last. Though the season has seemed enormously short this season, this is it folks. We’ve got our last day of shows to get to, and then you’re free to salivate over your favorites and dig them up a year from now at a warehouse sale.

Louis Vuitton

After last season’s fantastic collection, anything Marc Jacobs could have sent down the runway would have been a major disappointment. The joke’s on us, however, because that seems to be his intention judging by the sheer hilarity of today’s show. Yes, everyone, there were afros, with bows nonetheless. The clothes were in slightly better taste but not much of an improvement. Though I commend Jacobs for trying something new, there’s a reason no one’s gone here before. Full Show Here. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:October 1st & 2nd

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Umm, hello. Whoopsy-daisy I’m late again. I uh, got run over by a bus? Let’s catch up.


Rather than bask in the glow of last season’s drastically different and fantastically pervasive collection, Nicolas Ghesquiere returned to what he knows best this Spring: futuristically-inclined streetwear. But it was no rehash. Rather than the more tired concepts he had been showing when he last worked under this theme, the look was quite forward this season. The fabrics had the modern edge he’s known for, the hooded vests will be ubiquitous in the magazine editorial world come next Spring, and the bodycon silhouette has never seemed so refined. Somehow Ghesquiere manages to repeat the same aesthetic without it becoming tiring. This season certainly keeps that tradition going. Full Show Here. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week: March 11th

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Guess what, everyone? It’s officially the second-to-last day of the season. Obviously, I’ll be bringing you a seasonal wrap-up in addition to tomorrow’s slated shows, but today is the last day that we can look at the shows and not feel sad about the season ending. It’s kind of like summer camp, except Anna and Carine are the popular kids and Kanye West is the weird kid that seems to be following you everywhere you go. I’ll complete this analogy later. We have shows to get to!


For the first time since he was released from the brand, I looked at a ChloĆ© show today and didn’t think of Paolo Melim Andersson. I’ve been openly skeptical of his dismissal and Hannah McGibbon’s ability to live up to his talent, but I can honestly say that I adored her collection today. There was a vague military reference that complemented the utilitarian feel of the collection tremendously well. The color pallet was mostly neutral, very flattering for the introverted nature McGibbon seemed to want to convey. Something that I completely commend her on is the fact that, if she’s as flustered as most of the designers are this season, she’s not showing it. In my opinion, restraining natural instincts will only hurt the designers’ sales, while unique and beautiful pieces will sell the best. I also just want to point out the shoes. There are no detail shots yet, but I can already tell that they’re stunning.

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Best Dressed: Academy Awards 2009

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We interrupt this Fashion Week to bring you a little update. The Oscars, the mother of all awards ceremonies, took place last night, and I have my picks for best dressed.

Freida Pinto in John Galliano

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