Making a Killing at the Box Office

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If you would so kindly vote, I will go see the winning film and write a review.


An Unlikely Tribute

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From a Bollywood film that apparently has nothing to do with zombies… enjoy!

Summer Movie Suggestions

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When the summer months roll around and life starts moving a little slower, suddenly the prospect of finding the time to watch a movie seems a little less daunting. So whether you’re looking to stay home and rent or go out and catch a new release, we here at TGTEF would like to bring your attention to some of our recent favorites. Without further ado…

Joey’s Picks

  • A Single Man: Tom Ford’s directorial debut had all the striking visuals I could have hoped for. Though it was at times a little bit overdramatic (I blame the slow-mo+intense music scenes for that), I found it to be compelling and well worth the while.
  • Let The Right One In:After hearing about the American remake and the subsequent backlash, I figured I was missing out. Despite an English-dubbed version that at times veered toward comical (I’m pretty sure one woman voiced the majority of the characters, including males) I wasn’t let down by the gripping and haunting story, and finally allowed myself to like a vampire movie. A tip: opt for the subtitles instead of the dubbed version.
  • Inglorious Basterds:Though it isn’t the type of movie I’d typically be drawn to, there was something exciting and particularly entertaining about Quentin Tarantino’s politically and historically incorrect WWII epic.  I found it to be the perfect antidote to oh-so-serious dramas.
  • An Education:Last but certainly not least, perhaps my favorite movie in recent memory was this vibrant little gem. It had plenty of eye-candy and fulfilled my appetite for 60’s imagery. Plus, it kicked off my new fascination with toggles. « Read the rest of this entry »

Just About Every Movie Site You Can Think Of Gets Shut Down; What That Means For Your Weekend

July 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

The notice now found on the closed-down sites

In case you haven’t heard, either through a news outlet or when you were desperately looking for a link to the new Twilight movie, the government did something really smart. I say that as unbiased as I possibly can, bearing in mind that what they did will be extremely unpopular, because you really have to respect them. Yes, folks, it’s true. The government has shut down nine of the leading sites for streaming movies. It was fun while it lasted. Among the sites are popular perennial favorites like and (Editor’s Note:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)  as well as less familiar but likely just as beloved,,,,,, and In some of these cases, the sites are operated in other countries, meaning they’ll be back in a jiffy under new names. But for the others, things aren’t looking so good. This isn’t the end of streaming movies altogether, but it looks like the promising beginning of one. So what exactly does that mean? Well, you might actually have to shell out those 10-15 (How much is it these days?) hard-earned dollars to watch Katherine Heigl feign on-screen chemistry with whatever flavor-of-the-month actor she’s paired up with. What’s odd, however, is that a lot of effort is put in to combating movie piracy, but it’s not like the business has exactly taken a big hit. Every next movie breaks the record for the biggest opening of all time, a far cry from the music industry that sees half of what used to be the standard of success just a few years ago as a miraculous sales performance. So what is it? Does the movie industry have more clout? Are they more vocal? Either way, being able to watch a movie online just days after it’s released doesn’t seem to have deterred relentless anticipation and box-office busting on the part of moviegoers. If such effort is being made on the moral basis of saving jobs, then perhaps some of it should be taken to the music industry. Though, perhaps, music piracy might just be too big a fish to fry given the extent it lives on to today. Either way, this is a major development in the realm of modern-day piracy. It’s scary to think, but we might actually have to start paying for things soon.

In The Mood for Movies

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I think all of us will be holed up at the movies this spring; what with the rock-group biopic The Runaways and Tim Burton’s much-anticipated Alice in Wonderland. I’ll keep the immaturity comments to myself when I say that many are also anticipating Toy Story 3. (The general congregation is pleased that the voiceover cast is staying true to the first two… if that means anything).  Also, The Lovely Bones is in theaters now and highly recommended. Check out the following trailers for some of TGTEF’s most anticipated movies in 2010.


Alice in Wonderland

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Greyer Than Fiction

April 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

On Saturday night, HBO’s dramatized take on the Maysle brothers’ gripping 1975 documentary profiling Little and Big Edie Beale premiered, ending what was a whirlwind reintroduction of the aforementioned mother-daughter pair to a new generation. The film, which combined almost word-for-word reenactment of the documentary itself with backstory in an effort to explain the cause of their harrowing existence rather than the all-too-publicized effects, provided for plenty of inspiring moments. However, naturally, I noticed the fantastic period fashion just a little bit more than the plotline. Drew Barrymore’s wardrobe as Little Edie ranged from tediously put-together forties ensembles during glimpses from her past to her more eccentric days of compensating for hair loss with fanciful head wraps. You can see a few of these looks (and more) by clicking « Read the rest of this entry »

Who Wants To Be a Slumdog?

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Jamal (Dev Patel) with Latika (Freida Pinto)

Jamal (Dev Patel) with Latika (Freida Pinto)

Oftentimes when watching a movie with the predisposed knowledge that it is a critical darling, you’re more likely to convince yourself that you love it despite how you really feel about it. But Slumdog Millionaire (now playing nationwide in select theaters) is one of the rare exceptions. The thing about me is that I’m not a movie person. It’s something about the fact that my attention span is so short that I can barely sit through one. But Slumdog Millionaire is like the film equivalent of a page-turner. It’s fast moving without sacrificing the quality of the plot. This is due in part to the interwoven sequencing, based around the ingenious premise. « Read the rest of this entry »

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