Thank You, Happy Birthday.

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This past spring you may have found yourself being stared at while sitting in traffic, jamming to Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. No? Well this week, Cage the Elephant’s new single Around My Head is available free on itunes in hopes of generating buzz about their upcoming album set to release January 11, 2011. So here’s your buzz-

From this single and the other previews I could find, the group does show a transformation taking place. Songs off their self-titled album had distinctive, somewhat jarring tunes that came with the overwhelming urge to dance around like an idiot. These new melodies seem to have mellowed out a bit, but with even more over the top moments of madness thrown in. This being said, it’s uncertain how the album will turn out as a whole, but it’s definitely worth checking out. All you kids worried about their sound becoming “too mainstream” (which, I hate to break it to you but, is becoming obsolete-go read the previous post if you don’t believe me), fear not. Last time I checked, Coldplay wasn’t serenading the masses with kazoos and monkey-like screams…

Ps. Even if you’re not a fan, I still recommend going to their site to play with the “draw” app.


Practically Perfect In Every Way

August 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

Being a theater buff, it’s great to live relatively close to the 2nd best theater city in the US (still dreaming of NYC, but take THAT Chicago, ha!). The reason being mostly, this little hotspot you may have heard of called the Kennedy Center.

What’s even more exciting is when the national tour of the show that was your favorite childhood movie comes to town?

Getting orchestra seats of course! (Last time I was in the opera house to see Puccini’s Turandot last spring, we were waaaaaay up in the balcony where the actors looked like ants…) But it’s an amazing experience no matter where you sit, and an excellent excuse to get dressed up.

LOVE these chandeliers!

Overall, the show was spectacular, and definitely go see it when it comes to your city. Particular praise goes out to Gavin Lee, in the role of Bert, for some death defying tap dancing on the ceiling. For more info, click-

The Comeback Tour

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If you thought TGTEF had disbanded, you were wrong.  Simply bogged down in academia, we are back for the summer with plenty of tricks up our sleeves.  Let’s kick things off with the next big thing in music-

The Wait Is Over

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Rated R Promo Pic

“To those among you who are easily frightened, we suggest you turn away now,”

warns the opener to Rihanna’s fourth studio effort Rated R. Believe it or not, this is a fairly realistic proposition, as the disc almost ends up living up to its name. For those fond of remembering the jarringly recent past, there was once a time that Rihanna was a mere modest breakout with a dancehall-pop hybrid by the name of “Pon De Replay.” Whether she’s made it where she is now by sheer luck or shrewd handling, it’s becoming increasingly clear that she’s here to stay. However, while her latest offering is quite a remarkable progression, it’s important to clarify that it’s not perfect. Solid as it may be, what it makes up for in variety it lacks in cohesion. Rihanna hasn’t fully arrived with this outing, but she’s pretty damn near close.  And that’s only the bad news, which is nothing compared to the good.

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Let’s Bring it Back

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First off, I’d like to say happy belated halloween. I know, its a crime we didn’t post anything special for my favorite holiday (but click at the bottom for a peek why don’t you?)
I’d like to share some music dug up from the Meg archives. These date back to 2006, from a little group called Angels and Airwaves. You may recognize frontman Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and since then they snagged bassist Matt Wachter of 30 Seconds to Mars. (For some reason wordpress isn’t taking a youtube embed or anything and i apologize for that but here, have some inactive links)

If you like what you hear, the band is scheduled to release a new album Valentines day, 2010.
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Hear The Happy

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It could be argued that life is one long cycle of sensory stimulation. We learn, through trial and error, what satisfies or eradicates our senses; whether it be the familiar soft feeling of a favorite cotton t-shirt or the arousing but vaguely guilt-ridden scent of baking brownies. By this approximation, we should be able to alter our feelings through use of the favorable sensations. That’s where music can come in to play. It’s doubtful that anyone can claim they’re not emotionally affected by music at some point, from tear-jerking slow jams to fist-pumping uptempo selections. But there’s another phenomenon in the mix. I call it the Happy Song. Simple enough, right? When you’re feeling exceptionally mopey, you play the Happy Song of your choice, causing your mood to convert dramatically. And so, on a day where it seems Spring refuses to rear it’s optimistic head, I am sharing with you my version of the happy song. Although I’m not quite sure what Emiliana Torrini is half-mumbling on about in her sunny number Big Jumps, I know that I’m instantly happier upon hearing it.

06.Big Jumps – Emiliana Torrini

What The Hell Is a Jaydiohead?

January 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

The cover of Jaydiohead

The cover of Jaydiohead

This might be old news to some of you, but I chose blankly staring at the ceiling for hours on end over making sure I wrote this post hastily. So don’t hate. You may be familiar with The Grey Album, Danger Mouse (one half of Gnarls Barkley)’s unauthorized mash-up mixtape of Jay-Z and Beatles songs. Most likely inspired by the legendary album, Minty Fresh Beats (weird name, I know, but you’ll get used to it.) took on the task of matching Jay-Z up with cult-favorite experimental rock band Radiohead. The results are irresistibly catchy and perfectly done. Jay-Z’s brash cockiness blends surprisingly well with Radiohead’s mellow melodies. All ten tracks are great, but the best of all is the opener “Wrong Prayer,” a mix of Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” and Jay-Z’s “Prayer.” The full album can be downloaded or heard for free here.

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