Today in Fashion Week: February 13th

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Hello again, fashion flocks! We’re only a couple days in, but we’ve already seen some significant showings. It’s quite impressive how so many young designers in New York have been able to turn their collections into must-see events. So long as inventive talents such as themselves are around, the industry will survive. Now, on to today’s offerings!


Thakoon, against all odds, actually seems to get better every season. This time around, he was inspired by both European and African royalty, which resulted in a collection that was alternatingly bold and regal, punk and ladylike. He showed prints both exotic and commonplace, traditional silhouettes in colorful buffalo plaid, and some very interestingly light takes on complicated constructions. He is an undersung talent in the industry, but something tells me he’ll be getting his due recognition soon enough.

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Today in Fashion Week: September 12th

September 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hello kittens! If you’re not completely burned out on fashion by now, then there’s plenty more to see.

Derek Lam

At 10 AM, Derek Lam’s soundtrack of classical music and slow jams mixed with rain sound effects was a little too welcoming, but it served a point. It set the tone for what was, if not somber, a reflective and  inquisitive show. He seemed to be making the point that Marc Jacobs did last season. The clothes had that same ordinariness to them–for example, a long-sleeved dress with full-length pleated skirt. There were a lot of pleats to be seen, and also a lot of longer skirts. This quieter approach aside, however, these were the exact sort of clothes Lam has established a following for. My favorite look–and I expect a favorite of a lot of editors as well–was a sleeveless trench with something of a bustle on the back. The collection was soft, but not overwhelmingly so. Without that moody soundtrack following them around, the pieces are adaptable and appealing to a wide variety of ages. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week: February 12th

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In the realm of fashion, two very different stories are playing out. One, a tragedy that has permeated the culture; and the other, a jubilant celebration of young talents. New York, in any scheme, is a place where undiscovered talents come to blossom. And that’s always been an underlying theme to the collections that are shown during Fashion Week. The discovery of a new young talent is tremendously exciting and continues to drive the forces of change in fashion. So far, the week has been devoid of disappointment, which is a promising sign for what’s to come. The other story, meanwhile, continues to show the true colors of the fashion world. Despite its reputation for being cold and catty, beneath the surface its always been about celebrating idiosyncrasy and talent. We’ve lost a true artist in the field, but the upside is that his work is reaching a new and larger audience. He may rest in peace, but the fruits of his career will hopefully not do the same.

Jason Wu

Evidently moving on from the heavy dose of femininity that has characterized past efforts, Jason Wu packed his runway with looks that were at times downright androgynous. The overall look was noticeably more hip and everyday oriented than past collections. But his new sense of aesthetic at times evoked Marni too closely for comfort, a reminder of how green of a designer he actually is. Despite this, it was a confident turn from him, a sign that he is perhaps growing accustomed to his sudden spike in popularity. He didn’t abandon his roots altogether, however; he closed the show with a series of stunning if slightly quirky evening dresses (if dresses are still able to be classified as such in modern times). All in all, it was a good development of his past work into something newer and more practical. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:September 11th

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Despite what feels like an inappropriate title to today’s post, I welcome you nonetheless. Can you believe we’re already 2/3 days into Fashion Week? Time flies when you’re…doing something. Either way, we’ve still got shows-a-plenty to cover here. And that’s a statement you can take to the bank.


Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian, usually fans of a bold concept, didn’t quite seem to know what to do this season. There were stabs at a Picasso reference with a print that comes off as 80’s in a bad way, nods to military with double breasted dresses and jackets, and a bevy of annoyingly indecisive dotted prints. It’s hard to say what they had in mind, furthermore what stopped them from producing the type of work they’re known for, but when only faced with the results I can’t say much more than that it’s not their best–by a longshot. Full Show Here.

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Today in Fashion Week: February 15th

February 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hello dears! Today is Sunday, aka the day of rest, but Fashion Week refuses to do so. We’ve got even more shows to get through today. Let’s get to that!


Like many of my fellow dedicated followers of fashion, I was extremely saddened when I heard the news that Swaim & Christina Hutson’s line Obedient Sons & Daughters was closing down due to a loss of a financial backer. Luckily, they’ve established a new brand, simply called Hutson, but have embraced new sensibilities along with it. Daughters, as it’s commonly known by, was more about the menswear-as-womenswear trend from a few years back. It was mostly sharp, preppy suiting that always felt fresh. With Hutson, it looks like they’re attempting to shy away from that association. The line is very small, now that they’re new again, but there are some very strong statements. The dresses, though feminine in silhouette, look sharp and powerful. It’s too bad they had to start all over, but this certainly isn’t a bad start.

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