High hopes for 2011?

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I have especially big plans for you, box of beads...

Most people posted their new years resolutions about two weeks ago, but we’ve taken the fashionably late route as to not overwhelm the reader. You’re welcome. I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned this in the past (not like anyone else would) but when my dear friend Joey and I started this blog way back when, we had a dream. And through the ups and downs, we have never lost sight of that dream. One part of that was to create an online store to sell jewelry, accessories, and eventually clothing. This past year the store finally became a reality! Sales on the other hand did not… This year, we’re resolving to change that. Just you wait and see…

What about you? Any big dreams you’re hoping to finally accomplish? Resolutions you’ve already had to revise? Spam? Anything?


Advice From Google

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Spring Awakening

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An image from Prada's Spring 2010 Ad Campaign, which premieres in February magazines.

Say what you want about fashion’s changing tides, but I for one like to see it as optimism. Just when we’ve reached the point in Winter when it seems it couldn’t get any colder (oh, but it will), people are moving on to the just-yesterday Spring 2010 collections, in the typical race to play out the season’s top pieces before the dawn of the Fall shows in February. Perhaps it’s too early to call which pieces we’ll be bored of in about two month’s time, but we can be sure it’s bound to happen. If anything, take this as a reprieve from bitter temperatures. Your island vacation is right around the corner.

A Day in the Life

November 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

While patiently waiting for the real fabulous mastermind to get inspired, we’re all stuck with filler from yours truly.mystery machine

 Let me tell you, I run into some weird stuff. The other day was no exception when I found where my childhood icon’s headquarters is. The clue? This was parked out front. I’m onto you Scooby!


Im not sure if you guys can read this, but this is a pamphlet box in a public building saying, “If you know someone who has dropped out of highschool, we can help”. I found it sad, yet funny that all the pamphlets were taken.


Lastly, an inspirational little violet blooming in November. You go, little guy!

Wondering where we’ve been?

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We took a bit of a sojourn, a sabbatical if you will, but our return is inevitable. So rest easily, little imaginary sycophants, there’ll be more pretty pictures on the way.

Snap Crackle Pop

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I’m feeling very nautical. Just go with it.

Picture Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Paris June/July 2009, scan from fashiongonerogue.com, music Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend

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