When Will Jersey Shore Fatigue Set In?

July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Enjoy them while you can stomach them.

The much-hyped second season of this year’s surprise hit Jersey Shore debuted this past Thursday to impressive but unsurprisingly high numbers. It was determined to be the most-watched cable event of the year so far, as well as MTV’s highest rated season premiere of any show in seven years. This may have been expected, what with terms like GTL becoming nearly as ubiquitous as LOL and names like “Snooki” and “The Situation” grabbing countless headlines, but it truly is a remarkable and surprising success story.

Though it may be hard to believe at this point, it was less than a year ago that the first episode of Jersey Shore aired, to a respectable but average 1.375 million viewers. If MTV had any idea of what a juggernaut they had on their hands, they certainly didn’t show it. Promotion was largely kept to commercials running on the network. Through word of mouth, however, in addition to some controversy emanating from Italian-American advocacy groups and the infamous assault of Snooki, the show suddenly exploded into a pop culture phenomenon. A little over a month after the first episode, 4.8 million people tuned in for the finale. Fast forward to July 29th, this past Thursday, when 5.252 million viewers watched the second season premiere.

All of this answers how it got popular, but it doesn’t really explain why it did. « Read the rest of this entry »


Plain Jane Sends Mixed Messages

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Turns out the secret to finding love is a good old fashioned boa.

TV has a long, storied tradition of makeover shows at this point. Though they’re all a little silly and barely scratch the surface of what fashion and personal style can really mean to a person, none of them have managed to raise eyebrows so far. That may change, however, later this month. The CW will premiere its new makeover extravaganza Plain Jane on the 28th, starring British fashion journalist Louise Roe as an almost certainly stereotypically judgemental all-knowing style guru. And though the show promises to¬† “transform one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand new woman,” it’s the little twist tacked on that’s bothersome. The end of every episode finds the transformed woman facing a secret crush in the hope of making a love connection. Yes, you read that right. This is a show actually based on the premise of slutting it up to impress potential suitors. And though there’s sure to be plenty of touching girl-ditches-glasses reveals, it seems a little fishy to be sending out the message that all a girl really needs to find love is a revamped wardrobe and a positive attitude. My question is, is Plain Jane really a good title? I think He’s Just Not That Into Your Ugly Clothes is far more apt.

TGTEF Seal of Approval:New Fall Shows

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With all the responsibilities and burdens in our lives, it’s more than understandable that getting in the know on the upcoming Fall TV shows isn’t exactly high priority. Luckily, we’re here to help. That’s right, you’ve got no decision to make this year, as we’ve already decided which ones are worth your time based on keen sense and industry buzz. All you have to do is tune into the premieres listed below, come back to read our thoughts on each one if you don’t feel like formulating opinions yourself, and you’re as good as set. Now, to assure perfection in our decision making, I’ve enlisted co-blogger Meg to assist in sharing her thoughts via chat, assisted by pictures and trailers from the shows (per Meg:everybody loves multimedia!): « Read the rest of this entry »

Spotted on the UES:A Metamorphosis

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As any Gossip Girl aficionado knows well, there are two distinct eras in the life of Jenny Humphrey: before mullet, and the much-maligned after mullet. For the wannabe rich girl stuck in, eww, Brooklyn; going through an awkward psuedo-hipster/psuedo-goth phase seemed to be a rite of passage. But judging by the most recent on-set pictures from the Gossip Girl set, a new era is upon us. Trading her flatironed scene cut for decidedly glammer long locks and incorporating some less severe choices into her look, it seems that Jenny’s likely to be tumultous ascent to the top of the social scene will at least be free of turbulence when it comes to her look.

Duff Does Gossip Girl

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Hilary Duff is waiting in the wings. Ever since she grew out of her cult hit tween show Lizzie McGuire on the Disney channel, she’s endured a number of critical and box office failures with edgier indie fare and an NBC development deal gone sour when the network passed on her would-be series Barely Legal. It’s been a shame, seeing such a likeable, focused, and possibly talented (it’s best to hold off judgement with only poorly scripted movies and a low budget series made during her formative years in her repertoire) young star teeter in the balance, but now it seems that may soon be a thing of the past. Ask Ausiello is reporting that Duff is joining Gossip Girl for its next season, playing a disenchanted actress named Olivia Burke attending NYU to escape the mayhem of fame who just so happens to be roomed with Vanessa, played byJessica Szohr. This may come from a place of bias, being both a fan of the show (and admittedly of McGuire back in it’s heyday–come on, it was the early 2000’s!) and keen on seeing Duff succeed, but the news puts a smile on my face that would absolutely be creepy to any onlookers. For now it’s only being referred to as a “multi-episode arc,” but I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing her stay on for good. But I guess we’ll just take it one step at a time…

Life in ‘The City’

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Anyone up for some champi?

Anyone up for some champi?

Last night, I begrudgingly caught MTV’s relatively new spin-off of The Hills, otherwise known as The City. And while, sure, the glitz and the glamour and the petty drama can be fun for mature escapists and juvenile realists alike; what really strikes me is how little substance, for better or worse, is actually conveyed within the 30 minute running time. Whitney, the new “role model” for the high school set, has somehow found the last remaining job in New York City and moved her living arrangements and overall lack of personality to take it. But even though she’s also suddenly settled into a niche with her indie-rock Australian boyfriend and endless, soulless friends; her exciting plot development barely holds a candle to The City‘s new pseudo-villain, socialite (or “social,” as she so adorably calls it) Olivia Palermo. Olivia, already almost famous for her ridiculous feud with Tinsley Mortimer, (if these names are not familiar to you, do yourself a favor and refrain from googling. They’re not worth it.) is a deliciously snobby antagonist who, I will admit, has great style. She refers to champagne as “champi” and has a dog named Mr. Butler. MTV might as well give her her own show at this point. But only if Mr. Butler is credited and compensated accordingly.

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