Today in Fashion Week: September 24th

September 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

Buongiorno! Milan Fashion Week is continuing on, and things are starting to get serious. Seriously delicious! What? Anyway, let’s get to those shows, sonnies.


Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, and this season is one of those cases for brands who have built their name on sexiness. Sure, sexy has been all the rage for years now, but this season it’s being put on the backburner. Instead of seeing how short and tight we can get our clothes, we’re seeing how long and loose we can get them. Some brands that have been definitively pro-sexy have stumbled already this season, but Donatella Versace seemed determined not to be one of them. In fact, her latest collection proves that you don’t have to change your aesthetic to keep up with the times. The collection will fit into the Versace canon quite well, but the subtle variations–skirts below the knee, graphic colors, etc.–make it distinctly apropos.  Cleverly, as logomania has subsided over the years, Donatella found a creative way to bring it back. Her colorful prints incorporated the Grecian-esque logo, and some dresses even had the brand name discreetly printed on the front of them. This may not have been Donatella’s most eloquent or realized collection, but it was a success in terms of being of-the-moment and showcasing new ideas. « Read the rest of this entry »


Today in Fashion Week:February 26th & 27th

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Ok, ok. I missed a day. Actually, two days, if you count the fact that I am writing this in the wee hours of February 28th. But, then again, I’m my own worst critic. Let’s catch up.


Last season, Donatella Versace interrupted the progress of her collection with an endeavor that, though well received by some, I felt did not live up to the success of her previous collection. That collection, the Fall 2009 effort, was a masterful showing of modern graphic sophistication with edge. This season’s turn is more logically connected to that show than the one shown for Spring, with its strong fusion of minimalism and modernity. No one does sexy like Versace does, but I think it’s a collection like this that shows that there’s more to the brand than that. Because, after all, a woman needs more in her toolkit than weapons of mass seduction. Every now and then, pants seem like an appropriate choice. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:September 24th & 25th

September 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

I sure chose a bad day to be late. The Milan shows kicked off yesterday and they’re crammed into a minuscule period of 5 days. Today is the second day, but I’ve also got the first (which includes Prada, freak out now) to get out of the way. So let’s waste no time!


Ohhhhhhhhh Miuccia. I’m a well established devotee to her artistic wiles, which she certainly seems to be abound with. Every season, without fail, she delivers a collection that summons edicts of disappointment and bewilderment. And every season, inevitably, her collection is plastered across the magazines, the signature pieces repeated so often they become like dear friends to us. This season, she shied away from so of her more off-kilter pieces and offered a collection that seemed, dare I say it, accessible. Of course, accessible really only counts in fashion if you’re of model age and proportions. But (relatively) accessible it was. The look was, as mentioned, youthful, with takes on the suit shown with cut-off shorts, the kind done in dressier materials she invented at her men’s show this season. Also on the shorts front were Bermuda shorts, an inevitable return with the reemergence of biker shorts, which were also present in the collection. But perhaps more notable were the series of photo prints she showed on dresses and jackets alike. High-contrast beach scenes more colorful than a Bollywood film were juxtaposed against rigid, dull-colored fabrics. Elsewhere, Prada experimented with a sort of expensive-looking fishnet, draping it in ways that slyly exhibited the hard-earned Summer figure. All in all, it’ll stay on our minds all throughout the Spring season, but it won’t come to be known as one of her strongest moments. Of course, when your weakest is this strong… Full Show Here. « Read the rest of this entry »

Met Fete

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Kate Moss & Marc Jacobs

Kate Moss & Marc Jacobs

Last night’s annual Costume Institute Gala (paying tribute to models as muses and chaired by Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss and Anna Wintour) drew some familiar names to its red carpet, although a number of classic muses were noticeably absent over a reported rift between model-favorite Azzedine Alaia and the exhibition’s curators. Bad blood aside, the stars came out and had their usual array of good and bad looks. See the best ones by clicking « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:March 2nd

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Hello! I didn’t realize it before, but it looks like today will be the last day I cover in Milan. Time flies, doesn’t it? Oh well, trust me, we have plenty of shows to get to today. And then it’s off to Paris!

Dolce & Gabbana

Although it was similar in theme to their last dramatic and decadent collection, Dolce & Gabbana hit a few sour notes with their fall shows. Certainly there are pieces, such as tuxedos with dramatic shoulders, that are intrinsically Dolce and perfectly lovable given the chance, but checked print and Marilyn Monroe screenprinting brings the phrase “Dolce & Gabbana for Hot Topic” to mind. With such a scary thought, it’s hard not to run away as fast as possible.

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