August Magazine Covers

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Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, but that’s just what we’ll have to do to summer in the coming months. Rest assured that those in the magazine world are currently putting their finishing touches on the big September issues, but for now we have something of a transition on our hands. Though September is when the focus turns strictly on the fall collections, the August issues teeter between late summer fantasies and fall previews.  So consider this your last chance to relish the insufferable heat wave and endless summer storms blissfully warm weather before it’s swept away from beneath you. You’ve been warned!

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Long Shot

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As hemlines have ceaselessly risen for a while now (and shoes have continued to correlate to compensate for all the extra leg involved) there’s suddenly something incredibly refreshing about its striking if occasionally matronly counterpart: the floor-skimming, ankle length, maxi skirt. Grace Coddington, reigning queen of the stylists and seemingly the only employee over at American Vogue who hasn’t given up on the potential of magazines, gave her blessing in this month’s issue, dressing Karlie Kloss in an array of the options currently available in “Changing Directions.” As of now, it’ll take more than a little confidence to adopt the look, but it’s certainly something to look out for. There’s no doubt that fashion is beginning to go soft on us, what with kitten heels and flats (!) quickly gaining momentum and a growing feminine aesthetic sweeping the industry. The takeaway? Embrace your softer side; you just might enjoy it. « Read the rest of this entry »

Today in Fashion Week:September 12th

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Ready, set, go! It’s day 4 (notice how I’m sticking to the unofficial timeline) of New York Fashion Week, which means we’re in the midst of some of the season’s most crucial collections. Take a deep breath, cause we’ve got a LOT to cover.


Christophe Lemaire seemed to be exploring Lacoste’s tennis roots for a brief amount of time, but he wisely strayed from the concept to veer into a more drapey, blue and white focus with ’40s references thrown in for good measure. With the fun, punchy dresses Lemaire’s come to be known for accentuated by headwraps and more masculine separates, he produced one of his most relevant offerings in a good while. Cute. Full (Women’s) Show Here.

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September Magazine Covers

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Although everything in the world of magazine publishing (specifically fashion magazine publishing)  is marketed as the big shebang, there are few issues as admirably prestigious as those published in September. For the changing tides of fashion, September is the time to truly celebrate the Fall collections, wedged right between the forefront of the season itself and the premiere of the Spring successors. With that in mind, the staffs behind our country’s glossiest glossies attempt to span hundreds of collections’ worth of material into concise statements of the season’s philosophy. This year, of course, a storm cloud hangs in the balance over the traditional September parade, as evidenced by the thinner volumes offered up this year. But the effect of the economy has been channeled into a whole new focus on concise and valuable fashion. With a focus on restraint but a resolution to persevere, the magazines that have weathered the storm so far have offered up some truly lust-worthy content.


Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

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August Magazine Covers

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As painful as it is for me to consider the fact that August is nearly imminent and these few Summer months may soon be coming to a close, the publishing industry is not so concerned with my denial. That’s why they’re choosing to move forward with their August issues, most of which will we focusing exclusively on Fall clothing. Pause for collective sigh.


Christy Turlington

Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Winslet

Marie Claire

Fergie with either way too much or way too little photoshop. (P.S. Armed & Gorgeous–Female Drug Lords? Seriously?)


Lara Stone 🙂

Vogue Paris

Daria Werbowy

Vogue Italia (July)

Kristen McMenamy

Vogue Russia

Dree Hemingway


Miley Cyrus, Censored for your protection


Amy Adams

Elle UK

Emma Watson

Vanity Fair

Heath Ledger


Lily Allen


Emma Watson–A twofer!

Dazed & Confused

Julia Hafstrom–Get your 3-D glasses kids!


Catherine McNeil

June & July Magazine Covers

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Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen? Instead of one boring-old month’s worth of magazine covers, this month you get two. And if you have any comments about how this is directly connected to my month-long disappearance, I won’t hear them. Instead, focus on the positive. Two covers for the price of one! Proceed.


June:Cameron Diaz                                                                         July:Sienna Miller

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May Magazine Covers

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My dear, dear friends. Neglect is a felony, yet it’s an accurate word to describe my misdeeds as of late. Yes, I am in fact referring to my neglect of the magazine cover posts. I’ve skipped the past two months; and I can only assume that you are very scared, upset, and angry. That’s perfectly natural. But there is a happy ending to this bitter emotional tale. I’m bringing them back! That’s right, I am once again assuming the position of your at-home newsstand. The only difference is you can’t leaf through the National Enquirer to hear about Lindsay and Samantha. Maybe you should thank me?

Vogue:Liya Kebede, Natalia Vodianova, Anna Jagodzinska, Isabeli Fontana, Lara Stone, Jourdan Dunn, Raquel Zimmerman, Caroline Trentini, and Natasha Poly

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